Business is not about establishing personal contacts, rather it's about System and Quality

Some times we start believing that our personal and direct contacts with various clients, suppliers, business associates etc ., may help us to grow our business well. And our major portion of time is being spent on socializing and so on.

To some extent and in limited areas this is correct too, but in the main business world and practices this is disastrous and extremely fatal for the business. As the time is the money and one of the greatest assets that one may have. As a business man, we have to focus on our product and service quality, that may ultimately force others to join hand with us.

As a good businessman always try to spend more time in making systems for your organizations, that may bring regular improvements in your product quality and services. This will eventually force others to come close to you. Make your products and services, up to that high standard, that your products automatically become the preferred option for others, on the bases of quality, and services, not on the bases of personal or direct contacts.

Make Brands, not just products: Norreally, Brands are not made over nights,

But years of sacrifices, efforts, quality checks, learning from mistakes, and professionalism all are needed to make a brand. Whether you are in FMCG business or B2B, brands are needed and admired everywhere.

Some Examples From Pakistan:: Nishat Group , CandyLand, Packages, Mitchells Fruit Farms, Kitchen Cuisine, UniWorth Shirt and Tie Shop, Cakes & Bakes, Sufi Oil and Food, EBM Biscuits, Lu Biscuits, Volka Food .... Etc ....

In Last, Remember: Allah Talla, also help those who help themselves. We have to do our best, with honesty and sincerity, and then leave the result on Allah the Great. In Sha Allah, you will succeed always.

As there are some universal principals, not for Muslims only but for all others too, Like::: those, look after others well, deal politely, who work hard, with honesty, sincerity, professionalism, have patience, vision, and have gracious hearts, normally, succeed in the business and other routine world