"Market Leader is the one who is known as trend setter and is responsible for introducing innovative techniques in the market and is followed by the other stakeholders."

A true market leader does not only claim but proves itself by doing it practically. We have done and looking for new dimensions in future.

Fittest Survivor

Forecasting Political, Economical, Social and Technological factors and strategizing accordingly. A.M International once again proves to be the fittest survivor. Our focus does not only remain on Development but also on Marketing and Brand Positioning. Resultantly. AMI holds a strong engaging market community.


A.M International became the first Pakistani Flavours & Fragrances Manufacturing company which achieved the following certifications:

  • ISO-22000
  • ISO-14001
  • HALAAL Certified


A.M International sets the bar and has become the first company in the world, which launched Fragrances in Dry Powder form in 2008 which proved to be a major break through in "Fragrances" industry globally.